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What happened to Atila Altaunbay, Grace Jones’s former husband?

Atila Altaunbay: Come along with us as we delve into the life of Atila Altaunbay, a man who is famous for more than just being married to the incredible artist Grace Jones. In this article, we will uncover the hidden parts of his life, including his career, his interests, and how these things have influenced his journey. Let’s look closer at Atila Altaunbay’s life, away from the attention given to his well-known former spouse.

Who is Atila Altaunbay?

Atila Altaunbay was born in 1976 in Turkey and grew up in a Turkish Muslim family. He spent a lot of his childhood in Belgium. Since he was born in 1976, Altaunbay would be around 48.

Not much is known about his early life, but he spent most of his time in Europe. This probably gave him a mix of different cultural experiences. Before he met Grace Jones, Altaunbay had other jobs, like delivering pizzas in Belgium. His extensive and robust appearance led him to become a bodyguard, eventually introducing him to his future wife and the entertainment world.

Apart from being a bodyguard, he also had talents in other areas. He had a great singing voice and would perform at weddings and other events. Altaunbay was also interested in modeling and acting, but there is little information about his work in these fields.

What happened between Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones?

Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones had an exciting relationship that everyone in the entertainment world discussed. It all started when Atila, a young bodyguard at the time, caught Grace’s attention, and they started going out.

There was a significant age difference between them, with Atila being 27 years younger than Grace. But even with this difference, Jones proposed to him, and they got married in 1996 at a secret ceremony in Rio de Janeiro. Their marriage faced some challenges because of their different cultures. Atila, who was Turkish and Muslim, had to deal with resistance from his family because he chose to marry someone outside of their traditional expectations.


According to his culture, Atila couldn’t get married when his older brothers did since he was the youngest son. By marrying Grace, he went against these rules and ended up losing contact with his family. They tried to keep their relationship private, but it was hard because they were both famous. They hadn’t children together, and we’re not sure why. Some people think it was a personal choice, but we don’t know.

Their relationship started having problems as time passed, mainly because Atila would get possessive. The breaking point came in 2004 when they had a big argument, and he threatened Grace with a knife. That was the end of their marriage.

Did someone do something bad to Atila Altaunbay that caused his mysterious death?

Atila’s unexpected passing in October 2021 at 45 has left many wondering what happened. He was born in Turkey in 1976 and grew up with strong cultural beliefs. After finishing school, he went to Belgium to get a better education. The Helping Hands Belgium first shared the news of Atila’s death on their Facebook page, expressing their sadness at losing their respected president. However, We still don’t know what caused him to die. His funeral was held at the Antwerpen Mehmet Akif Mosque, with his family and friends in attendance.

We lost our amazing President, brother, and friend.

As people continue to speculate about what happened to Atila, there are questions about whether something suspicious occurred. The mystery deepens due to the lack of information about his death, leaving his acquaintances and the public waiting for more details.

Atila Altaunbay’s Net Worth

Atila Altaunbay’s net worth is unknown, but some think it could be around $800,000. This estimate considers his job as a bodyguard and any other money he might have made from modeling and music. However, it’s important to remember that these numbers are just guesses and not based on actual financial records. Atila has kept his life private after his divorce, so we can only speculate about his current economic situation.

Who is the Father of Grace Jones’ Child?

Grace Jones and Jean-Paul Goude were not only in a romantic relationship, but they also worked together on many exciting projects. Goude is a famous French artist known for his incredible talent in graphic design, illustration, photography, and music videos. He has collaborated with many celebrities, including Grace Jones, who created some of the most unique and iconic images together.

In the 1980s, Grace and Jean-Paul were in a relationship and during that period, they welcomed their son, Paulo Goude, who was born in 1979. Paulo has inherited his parents’ creative genes and has followed in their footsteps by pursuing a career in music and art.

The partnership between Grace Jones and Jean-Paul Goude is genuinely unforgettable. They combined fashion, music, and art in a way that was both unique and innovative. Their collaboration defined Grace Jones’ aesthetic and visual style during her peak, impacting the entertainment world.

What Became of Grace Jones’ Life?

Even after her relationship with Atila Altaunbay, Grace Jones is still a famous and incredible person in popular culture. She keeps making astonishing music, mixing reggae, funk, new wave, and pop styles. Her tracks such as “Pull Up to the Bumper” and “Slave to the Rhythm” have gained immense popularity, showcasing her distinctiveness and artistic flair. She not only excels as a musician but also shines as an exceptional actress. She’s been in movies like “Conan the Destroyer” and “A View to a Kill,” where she showed off her excellent acting skills. She even got nominated for big awards like the Saturn Awards.

However, Grace Jones is more than isn’t just talented in music and film. She’s also a big inspiration in the art and fashion world. She’s influenced people to try new styles and has even been a muse for famous artists. Because of all her outstanding contributions, Grace Jones has won many awards. In 2008, she got the Q Idol Award; in 2016, Billboard said she was one of the best dance artists ever.

In 2018, she received an extraordinary honor. She was given the Order of Jamaica for all the incredible things she’s done for culture and the arts. Grace Jones is a true icon in music, film, and fashion. She’s someone who will always be remembered and will keep inspiring new generations.


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Controversies and Rumours

Atila’s behavior was closely examined when Grace shared about the scary incident when they argued. The significant age gap between them also made their relationship more complicated. Grace herself had to deal with public controversies. It’s like being banned from Disney places after a mishap during a live performance in 1998. This shows that her life has many different sides to it.

Wrap Up

Atila Altaunbay went from unknown to famous and disappeared again, all within Grace Jones’ exciting life story. Even though we have yet to learn much about what Atila is up to now, his short time in the spotlight makes people wonder about the guy who was close to such a mysterious celebrity.

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