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Do Free Food Samples Really Increase Sales?

People have been asking for a long time: Can my marketing efforts make me more money? Information is important for keeping any marketing method. This data can show you how effective your marketing is, how people react, and whether you’re making more sales.

Sure, what about giving away free food samples? It’s a big expense for companies, and that can make them hesitant to try it. However, for food and drink companies, it can pay off if they do it correctly. Today, we’ll talk about the advantages of offering free samples and what you might gain from giving it a shot.

What Are Free Food Samples?

Free food samples are tiny portions of food or drinks that companies give away for free for a limited time. These can be anything from bite-sized snacks to smaller versions of a restaurant’s signature dish. The goal is simple: to give customers a taste of what the business offers in hopes that they will want to buy more. Sampling allows restaurants to promote certain dishes by letting customers try them out. Fast food, pizza, and ice cream shops often use this tactic to showcase new items or seasonal treats.

Why Free Sampling?

Sampling is popular for food and drink companies to promote their products. Giving out free samples to customers in stores lets customers try a bit of what their brand offers and make them want to try more. Some businesses give out free samples outside their stores to attract more customers inside, while others set up booths in larger stores to showcase their products to shoppers. They might be trying to exploit the customer’s willingness to spend money! But no matter what, the main goal of free samples is usually to get people to buy more from that brand.

Who Benefits From Free Samples?

Everyone! Free samples are a fantastic way to start a special bond with customers. By giving out free samples, you make your customers feel happy and appreciated, and you can turn them into fans of your brand.

You can also use free samples to introduce a new product to people who might not know about your brand and let them try it without risk. You can strengthen your current customers’ loyalty and encourage them to return for more and try out new items on your menu. It’s also a fantastic way to get your brand noticed before a big event, like a new product launch or a brand makeover.

These benefits work together to attract new customers and keep current ones returning, which means more sales for your business.

Free Food Samples

Sampling Statistics: Free Food Samples

Some important numbers show how free samples can boost sales. For example, 35% of customers who try a sample buy that product during the same shopping trip. Additionally, a research study at Cornell University found that people who taste a complimentary wine sample are 93% more inclined to purchase an additional $10 bottle of wine and 92% more likely to buy that same wine again. The reciprocity principle is a big reason people buy after trying a sample, with 65% of people purchasing if they can try the product first. Research from Marsh Supermarkets also supports this idea:

  • 68% of consumers said free sampling influenced their purchase
  • 85% preferred in-store sampling events
  • 83% felt sampling improved their shopping experience
  • 75% found sampling helpful in locating products in the store

Our research at Fizz Experience further confirms these findings. In an exit survey at a retail store, we found that:

  • 60% of people participated in food sampling
  • 88% Most people wouldn’t have purchased the product if they didn’t try it out first.
  • 58% would share new products discovered through sampling with friends and family
  • 87% of people thought trying samples in the store improved their shopping experience.
  • 95% were encouraged to try new products

With all this data, it’s clear that food sampling is a great way to increase sales!

Short-Term Lift vs Long Term Rewards

It’s important to remember that even though sales will increase quickly, the real impact of food sampling happens in the days and weeks after the demo. Just because someone tests out your product doesn’t guarantee they’ll purchase it right away. But after a week or two, they might remember they liked it and pick it up. That’s why measuring your food sampling results for a while after the demo is crucial to see the true impact.

At Fizz Experience, we focus on in-store demos and free samples, bringing your brand to life and getting your products right into your customer’s hands. We offer a full and personalized sampling service, from researching and planning to carrying out the demonstrations. If you’re thinking about giving out free samples but don’t know where to start, we can help. Our specialists are here to chat with you and figure out what you’re aiming for. They’ll create a plan for collecting samples to assist you in reaching your targets. If you’re interested in learning more, contact the team now.



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